Archery – This time HI-Tech

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Aim Rite Medium Bear

A new addition to the Aim Rite Series of McKenzie Targets with a shoulder height of 29″, body length of 45″ and RLW of 135 lbs.
Replaceable vital-area core for extended target life.
Three piece sectional design.
Durable, high-tech, flexible foam construction ideal for field points and broadheads.
Anatomically accuarte to guide archers on proper shot placement.

Zero Effect Arrowrest™

The arrowrest operates using linkage with the cable guard. Drawing the bow lifts the arrow into position.
Drops out of the way—can’t affect flight of an improperly spined arrow.
Total clearance for the fletching as it reaches the riser for improved arrow flight and accuracy.
Unique “pick-up” hook finds arrows regardless of the position on the riser.

Bowtech Assasin

A one piece solid limb compound bow designed to produce pin point accuracy. The center balanced, rifle style safety is equally comfortable for right and left hand shooters.
13 1/2” power stroke; 150 lb.; 480 grain arrow; 265 fps
Hard anodized, Teflon® coated barrel.
Synthetic “Power Yoke” cables feature split anchor attachments on each limb to balance limb torque.
Available in Timber Top Brown camo or Advantage® Camo

Shock Blocker
Powder-filled stabilizer and rubber coupler in ONE unit.
Bowtech Assasin® and Realtree® CAMOCLAD® sheets in every pack.
Dual shock absorber system to reduce bow kick and noise.
Accuracy with less hand and arm fatigue, lightweight and rugged.
Fits single-cam and two-cam bows; model 1000 in 6″(60-278) and 8″(60-279).

‘Pro-Series’ Magnum Range Rover™

All the features of the original Range Rover™ plus the added benefit of a lightweight, machined aluminum body.
2 1/4″ MAGNUM Aperture Ring for greater field of view.
Incremental yardage adjustments with the touch of a finger.
Extra long fiber for brighter aiming point. Available in clear aperture and black bracket only.

Tune-A-Nock GS

Designed for and used with Ultra-Nok II, Ultra-Nok II micro, rope nocking-loops, brass nock-sets, all release aids and fingers.
Short ear design for cleaner release and improved accuracy.
Low friction string groove for increased arrow speed.
Tunable and replaceable glue-on conventional arrow nock that doesn’t require re-gluing.

Universal Overdraw Rest

Specifically designed to fit any Hoyt bow, including the TEC series risers.
Accepts N.A.P. QuickTune 1000 and 3000 rest plates (sold separately).
Mid-length overdraw.
Locks securely to eliminate rest movement.
Available in Mossy Oak® Forest Floor™ Lite Site™
A fully-adjustable, lightweight, compact and tough sister to the Rite Site™.
Full windage and elevation adjustment.
PRO-DOT™ fiber-optic, machined metal sight pin.
Available black and camo design.

Fallow Deer 3-D Target

New to the Natra-Look Series of McKenzie 3-D targets.
Sectional design with replacement mid-section scoring area.
Anotomically correct, IBO-approved vital scoring area with center “x” ring.
McKenzie’s high-tech flexible foam accepts both field points and broadheads.
Shoulder height – 35″, body legth – 50″, and RLW – 160 lbs.

Spitfire® Practice Broadheads

Practice with your actual broadheads.
No more damage to your hunting blades while practicing.
Same weight, same flight.
Minimize target damage even on dense foam 3-D targets.
Available in 2 and 3 blade models.

Quicktune® 3000

A simple, one wrench system micro-adjustment arrowrest.
Easy tuning with independent, micro-adjustments.
All independent screws lock down tight.
Quiet-Tune silencers factory installed with 4 extra in each pack.
Free one-size allen wrench for all Quiktune® adjustments.
Right and left hand models available.

75 Grain Muzzy Broadhead

A 75-grain screw-in, specialty broadhead from Muzzy.
Cut diameter: 1″; blades: 4/.020 thick.
Available in a full assembly 6-pack; replacemment blades and practice blades.

Yikes Red Dot Bow Sight Bowsight

Yikes’ Bow Sight is a new revolutionary rear red dot bow sight option and eliminates the peep and all its problems.
Eliminates the peep sight
Maximum arrow speed
Use with your own front sight
No torque
Increase accuracy and builds confidence
Perfect for low light
Great addition to the youth market

Impala Longbow

The Impala bow is take-down with lamellate grip and limbs, refinished by hand with care.
produced using exotic and contrasting woods for the riser.
Limbs are available in black fiber and in a transparent fiber.
Measurements available: 58″, 60″ and 62″.
Weight: 30-35-40-45-50-55-60 lbs.
Draw Length: 28″.


Easton introduces an all-carbon composite target shaft.
“C2″ technology to produce lightweight, stiff and uniform shaft.
Utilitzes the UNI system.
Compatible with A/C/C internal components (sold separately)
Available in 7 popular sizes. Weight tolerance ±1.5 grains; straightness ±.004”

Grizzly LoopMaster

A glove release that gets out of your way so you can climb tree stands.
Head spins 360° for torque free connection to string.
Strap equipped with soft grip, allowing you to pull extra weight.
Fold away strap for hands free design.
Archery Stand-By
Now you can have a place to conveniently place your bow while you target shoot.
Specifically designed to be a secure and convenient place to set your bow while retrieving arrows.
Patented design and sand filled base will not tip over.
For use indoors or out.