Are you an archer? What are the best longbows?

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Our Longhunter longbow has won more World longbow Championships than any other longbow on or off the market (there are hundreds of them). When we started producing the deflex/reflex design, we were the only one making them out there. Now, many of the longbow manufacturers have tried to copy this longbow but few, if any, have achieved its performance. Traditionally, the deflex/reflex design goes back about as far as longbows have been made and shot.It is shown on a cave drawing in Spain that is believed to be the oldest drawing in existence.

Our deflex/reflex longhunter is free of hand-shock, smooth drawing, fast and quiet among other longbows for sale in US and abroad.

The Longhunters equal or exceed the performance of some of the most expensive custom longbows on the market today. If you haven’t shot the Longhunters, you don’t know how good a longbow can shoot. The Longhunters come in two models: Bamboo and Red Elm.

We were pioneers in learning to use the fast-flight string on traditional longbows and were able to overcome those problems experienced by other longbowyers. By doing so, and by understanding exactly how a fastflight string behaves differently from a dacron string, we were able to design longbows that are much more efficient.

Our recurve longbows were designed around the fast-flight string and, for this reason, are able to throw the same arrow as fast as some of our competitors longbows fifteen pounds heavier.

Our Patriot and Canebrake recurves are pound for pound the fastest shooting recurves on the market today. The longbows draw to 31” without stack, are extremely quiet, smooth and accurate, and out-perform other makes of much heavier longbows. If optimum recurve performance is what you want, then either the Patriot or the Canebrake is the longbow for you.

Bamboo Longhunter

This longbow is becoming an Americanclassic. It’s reflex, deflex design was conceived with the true hunterin mind. Handcrafted with a walnet riser and bamboo limbs under black glass.This longbow is offered in lengths of 60″, 64″, 68″. Draw lengths are measuredat 28″

Red Elm Longhunter

An Economical version of the BambooLonghunter. The Red Elm is offered with a walnut riser and red elm limbsunder clear glass. This handsom combination is 68″ long with draw lengthsmeasured at 26″

Canebrake Recurve

A true brain child of Dan Quillian.Not only one of our most popular longbows, but this may be, pound per pound,the fastest traditional longbow in production today. This 62″ longbow has red elmlimbs with clear glass and a laminated maple riser. Draw length is measuredat 26″.

P-99 Take Down Recurve

The old hard-hitting longbow that weall have grown to know has had a face lift for 1999. This is the same designthat made the Patriot one of the top selling takedown recurves. This longbowis offered in your choice of risers and limbs with either clear or blackglass.
The Patriot longbow is 62″ long andthe draw length is measured at 28″

All Patriot limbs and risers areinterchangeable. Allen-headed limb bolts are available upon request. AllArchery Traditions longbows are designed to shoot fast flight longbow strings.


Self longbow Kit

The self longbow kit gives you theopportunity to enjoy a longbow with your own personal touch. The longbow is atthe stage where most do-it-yourself longbowyers can take right over. The stringnocks have been cut and the longbow comes already tillered. The main body ofthe longbow is your choice of cherry or walnut, both are backed with hickory.The final stages of finishing the longbow, are all yours. Add several coatsof your favorite sealer, a nice leather handle, riser plate and arrow rest,a snake skin backing or some Native American art. What ever you like, it’sup to you. The longbow is 68″ in length and comes with a Flemish twist Dacronstring. The Selflongbow can be shot as is. Available in four weight groups:45-50#, 50-55#, 55-60#, 60-65#.
We have found no noticeable performancedifferences between the Walnut and Cherry. Wood choice is a matter of personalpreference. The walnut is a much darker wood with a darker grain. Cherryis a lighter shaded wood. Both take a nice finish.