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Aspen Longbows

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byronAbout the Company

The design of this superior hunting weapon comes as a result of more than 19 years of research and development. Aspen longbows actually started in 1980 as Monarch Longbow Company which was the creation of bowyer Byron Schurg. Chris Landstrom joined the business as an apprentice bowyer in 1988. Byron’s good friend Monty Moravec purchased the business in 1990. Monarch grew and prospered with the help of Byron who acted as a design consultant and part-time bow builder and with Chris who was the lead bow maker. In 1995, the business was again sold and Byron decided to found the Aspen Longbow Company and was joined once again by Chris who has opened a second shop in the Midwest this past fall to help keep up with production.

The Design

Aspen Longbows are unparalleled in smoothness and cast. The unique reflex/deflex design provides exceptional speed with little or no hand shock. The handle is dished in three places so that your hand grips the bow the same way each time you pick it up. The arrow shelf is radiused and the sight window is cut close to center and radiused as well. Our newest model, the Vector, has a more prominent reflex/deflex combination and a longer handle section for increased speed and stability.


The Elite
The Elite is made from select American and exotic limb and handle woods including: Orange Cocobola, Bacote, Kingwood, Featherwood, and Fiddle back Maple. Tip overlays are made from elk antler. Bow lengths are 57″ through 68″.

The Classic
The Classic comes with red elm in the limbs (stained or natural), elk antlertip overlays, and your choice of Chechen, Bacote, and Kingwood in the handle section. Bow lengths are 57″ through 68″.

The Vector

Our newest design, the vector comes with your choice of either the Classic or the Elite limb wood/handle wood combinations. Elk antler tip overlays are included.

All bows come with a bow sock and your choice of either a DacronTM or a FastflightTM bow string.


Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep horn tip overlays
African Oryx horn tip overlays (depending on availability)
Sunburst Dye Pattern
Handle Checkering
All Aspen Longbows come with a two year limited warranty which covers materials and workmanship. In the first year, if your bow breaks due to a flaw in materials and workmanship, Aspen Bow Company will repair or replace your bow free of charge. In the second year your bow will be repaired for free (if possible) or replaced for 50% of the original purchase price.

Pricing and Ordering Information (check more longbows for sale here)

Classic, natural or stained $425.00
Elite $525.00
Elite with sunburst dyed limbs $550.00
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep horn tip overlays $20.00
Elk antler handle overlays $50.00
Hardwood handle overlays $30.00
Tulipwood limbs $40.00