BUTTER 08 Band

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Imagine yourself strapped onto one of those vibrating exercise machines that makes you shake uncontrollably like a bowl full of jelly, flesh aquiver. Now imagine that a demon inside the machine has accelerated the belt and you can’t slow it down, let alone stop it.

Get the idea? That’s the feeling you get when Butter 08 rocks you with this action packed collection of 10+ non-stop tunes, their debut long-player, Butter.

Butter 08, the band, came about when the superstar duo, Yuka Honda and Mihori Hatori of Cibo Matto, commissioned Russell Simins, best known for his work with the multi-billion selling Blues Explosion, for some “hot session work.”

Needless to say, the combo was magic. They instantly knew they couldn’t resist this feeling and Butter 08 was formed. To round out the quintet, they enlisted Rick Lee on guitar (powerhaus percussionist for Skeleton Key- also described as “that guy with the funny haircut”) and Mike Mills on bass (genre smashing graphic artist and filmmaker- also described as “that really normal looking guy”). The mix was a match and the result mind-blowing.

Butter 08 is a labor of love for all the members involved who through grueling schedules and non-stop touring with their other careers have managed to come together and make a record that encompasses not only all of their influences, but an energy that far exceeds what most humans are capable of. Margarine may have been a breakthrough, but Butter is pure genius.

Whip yourself into a frenzy as the ferocity of 9MM catapults you into a beautiful buttery bliss. Experience the bombastic, epic saga of Dick Serious. How Do I Relax? How can you with a buttered brain? There’s more… much more… from the smooth sensations of Butter of ’69 to the monolithic masterpiece Mono Lisa… it’s all set in the graphic genius of Mike Mills, so not only do you get tantalizing tunes, you could frame Butter and put it on your wall.