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Even though the year 2017 is already well under way a lot of companies still don’t have a website. Many business owners know they are missing out on business opportunities but simply don’t find or take the time to make the first step. Others claim that they managed so far without the internet and will do so in the future, too. Both of these have something in common – their business doesn’t have an online presence that would present their company in the best possible light and bring their products (or services) closer to their (potential) consumers.

If you recognize yourself as one of the two mentioned business owners we would kindly recommend to start working on your online presence as soon as possible (now). The same recommendation is extended to anybody even thinking about starting a business. The right time to think about your online marketing is now. Before you incorporate or even register your business you need to name it. Your name or brand name will most likely also be your domain name – your online address for your business website. A good name can be directly responsible for the success you will achieve and the same goes for your webhosting. A good hosting provider can be crucial for a successful website that will generate revenue for your business.

Online experts at NEOSERV, who have been in the business of domains and webhosting for the last 14 years, have prepared a few guidelines and hot tips exclusively for our blog on how to start a successful website.

Read this, avoid common mistakes everyone else makes and start your online journey!


Everything you need to know when registering a domain name

At the very start of forming a company or a business it’s very important to choose the right domain name. Registering the domain usually comes even before registering the company itself. We at NEOSERV advise to all future (or existing) online business owners to follow these simple rules:

  1. First, choose the domain name. Then form the company. This way you will have a domain that is the same as your company name. This works wonders for online visibility and recognizability which is crucial for building and marketing a new brand name. It’s extremely important that your customers will be able to remember your brand name quickly and easily.
  2. Secure more than one top level domain (TLD). When checking the availability of your domain name don’t forget to check different TLDs, too (top level domains). These are .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, etc. To protect yourself from competitors that would like nothing better than to exploit your online presence for their own profit, we recommend you to register at least the most common domains COM, NET and ORG. In case your business interests lie in Europe registering a .EU domain is also advisable.
  3. Register the right domain for the right audience. In case your website isn’t meant for English speaking people or USA based audience only but for customers from a specific country, it is recommeneded to register a national domain. For a german website the recommended domain name is .DE, for an italian website we would the .IT domain, for Spanish audience the .ES domain is preferred, etc. By using the right national domain for your website you will gain more trust from your visitors which is of utmost importance when building a relationship with your customers.
  4. A domain name must be easy to remember. When registering a domain name avoid long and complicated names that are difficult to memorize. A much better approach is registering a short name (max 12 characters). We also advise to avoid using numbers, hyphens or special characters that aren’t part of the english vocabulary.


Once you decide on the right domain name, register all the domains selected as soon as possible. Don’t put it off for until later since that »later« usually stretches to a couple of days or maybe even weeks. During that time your domains are openly available for registration to anyone in the world, including your competition.

Click over to the website of your domain provider, enter your desired domain names and add them to your shopping cart. Then you only need to enter your data and submit your order. Once the order has been paid you will become the owner of those  domains. In that moment the domains will become unavailable for registration to everybody else that might be interested in them.


Secure and blazingly fast SSD hosting

Every successful website consists of 3 key components: a good domain name, excellent webhosting and the actual website. The domain name is your online address – it’s what users type into the address bar of the browser to reach your website. Webhosting is your disk space on the internet where all your website files and databases are saved.

Again we’ve turned to NEOSERV online experts for advice on how to select a proper, quality webhosting provider. Here is what they have to say:

  1. You need a lightning fast webhost. A secure and reliable webhost in this day and age simply is good, but not good enough anymore. Every day more and more websites are accessed by phones, tablets, phablets and other new devices. People don’t have time to wait for websites to load. They need their information instantly and will leave your website if you don’t provide it accordingly. Amazon, the largest online retailer, has conducted a massive research that yielded a stunning conclusion – every 100ms (0,1 second) delay in loading the website caused the sales to go down 1 percent. That is why NEOSERV webhosting offers only the best possible – enterprise-grade servers with the newest SSD technology. Plus, their servers are always only utilized up to 40% of their resource limit so there is always plenty of reserve.
  2. Test customer / tech support service. With web services like domain registration and webhosting a good cutomer support is crucial. When something goes wrong and your website is down (this can easily occur with a simple WordPress update) you will need to turn to customer support. That is when you will find out if you selected a good webhosting company or not. A good provider will help you to restore your website back to working condition and advise you on how to prevent these troubles in the future.
  3. Check user testimonials. Nearly all providers on the market try to sell themselves as the cheapest and best provider that ever existed but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. You need to find out for yourself if you can trust them with your data. A simple Google search can reveal a lot of information, especially if you limit your search to online forums or websites, dedicated to webhost reviews. You’re also advised to check the Facebook page of the provider you are interested in since users can leave their comments and reviews there.


Why should you register your domains and host your websites with NEOSERV

Did this article finally convince you on what you and your business are missing out on without a website? Or are you for some reason unsatisfied with your current domain or webhosting provider?

Our recommendation is to trust NEOSERV with your domains and webhosting. Their claim to do whatever needs to be done to keep their customers happy seems to be working according to 1000+ positive reviews you can find on their website. No other webhost so far has offered such high level of service and blazingly fast servers at such low prices.

Since it’s best to keep your domains and webhosting both with the provider you trust we checked with NEOSERV what key advantages they can offer to you.

  • Registration of over 400+ different domain names.
  • Low prices and regular promotions / discounts.
  • Free DDOS protected DNS hosting.
  • Enterprise-grade pure SSD servers.
  • 5 different webhosting packages for every customer.
  • Friendly, professional and fast 24/7 customer support.
  • A wide array of SSL certificates at low prices.
  • The most friendly and simple control panel in the world – cPanel.
  • Free SSL certificates Let’s Encrypt.
  • Softaculous – Install different scripts (WordPress, Joomla, …) with a single click.
  • 100% free data transfer from your old webhost to NEOSERV.
  • A clear and modern customer center My.NEOSERV to manage all your services.
  • A lucrative and automated affiliate program for webmasters.
  • Different payment options: Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, Bitcoin, bank transfer, etc.
  • 45 day Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.