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WiFi is our necessity and we can’t live without it. Everyone needs to power up their laptop and other gadgets with WiFi. What if when you don’t have wifi? Or WiFi is not available to you in a particular area? How will you manage to feed the internet to your laptop? You need a WiFi hotspot, but what if you don’t have a hotspot? You need a 3G dongle, but what if you don’t have 3G dongle? OK! You don’t have anything related to the source of the internet medium. All you have is the mobile with data connection, now the game begins.
If you have a mobile phone with a hotspot facility, then you don’t need anything else. Just configure hotspot in setting panel and turn the tethering on; After that, look into the WiFi panel in your laptop and connect your phone’s hotspot with it, that’s it! This will turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot!

mHotspot: It is a software, which can be used with 10 devices from a single connection. You don’t have to pay for this software because it is freeware. Main features: File Size is only 397KB, handle 10 devices at a time, it can be implemented in any kind of internet connection, you can keep an eye on bandwidth and usage, and it can be installed in the latest operating systems; 7,8, and 8.1 windows. mHotspot is a handy software, you just need to setup user name and pass, after that maximum client, and by pressing the star button, it will start your internet hotspot.

Virtual Wifi Hotspot: It is also a freeware software as well as in a small size. Just choose a network name and set a password, and then start your hotspot by pressing the start button. Virtual wifi hotspot can be connected to 5 clients.

My Wifi router: My Wifi router software is recently launched by a networking domain company. My WIFI Router utilizes an outstanding engineering and which can change over a technology to safe mode; converting PC/laptop into hotspot devices. The product is accessible free from, and one can utilize it to connect the web on numerous gadgets, in a single click.

The product should bring a few sorts of profits in an endeavor. A web based network environment might be utilized for many things within a superior and safe way. Internet hotspot likewise helps making a virtual assistance, environment, which can upgrade the worker connections stage and can push the work proficiency in an association. In addition, mobile hotspot might be utilized as a WiFi router which can improve the quality of surfing. There are a few exceptional characteristics that force us to download WiFi hotspot.