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hey x 3… the 4th Pavement album of all time comes out on February 11, 1997. This occasion will be marked by a series of semi-intimate shows around the USA that will showcase new material (and whatever old favorites the band can remember). This “residency” tour will be followed by European dates in March, and a full-scale North American tour in April (i.e. bigger places and smaller towns).

A CD5 of “Stereo” will be serviced to radio in January, including 3 non-album selections. A video for “Stereo” (directed by John Kelsey) will be available shortly afterwords.

Things Pavement Did in 1996:

Spiral Stairs and Steve West got married (not to each other).

SM was commissioned to record a series of NFL fight songs by Coca-Cola. The resulting tapes (done with accompaniment of Silkworm) were rejected, but might surface someday

Pavement songs have appeared in major-motion pictures including “I Shot Andy Warhol,” “Brain Candy,” and some Brady sequel none of us got any free tickets to.

An early ’96 western tour with Silkworm… featuring Pavement clad in military fatigues and a few of the songs heard on the new album.

What do Bob Nastanovich, Bill Parcells, and MC Hammer have in common (Other than being close friends)? They each own thoroughbred race horses. (Bob’s recently made its competitive debut)

This past June, Pavement played to 50,000 people as part of the Tibetan Freedom Concerts in San Fransisco. Pavement’s set was marked by Fall, Velvet Underground, and Echo & The Bunnymen covers.
But most importantly, Pavement have been writing, rehearsing, and recording. Unlike previous Pavement recordings, many of which featured SM and Spiral (or other assorted combinations of SM and/or Spiral and whoever else was around), Brighten The Corners marks several firsts for Pavement…

extended pre-production rehearsals at Steve West’s place in Virginia.

recording with the entire 5-person band in the same room at the same time (playing, not just watching).

recording with Mitch Easter at his studio in North Carolina (the record was also engineered and mixed with Bryce Goggin, who Pavement have worked with before. So maybe this isn’t so historic after all).
We think the results are stirring, thought provoking, and quite beautiful (though not at the same time). We’d like to know what you think… if there’s anything on this CD that you don’t care for, by all means, call the label and we’ll make the necessary changes.
thank you for your time,

Gerard Cosloy

“Official” Discography
“Slay Tracks” 7″ EP Treble Kicker 1989
“Demolition Plot J-7″ 7” EP Drag City 1990
Perfect Sound Forever 10″EP Drag City 1991
“Summer Cabe” 7″ Drag City 1991
Slanted & Enchanted LP/CD/CS Matador/Blg Cat 1992
“Trigger Cut” 7″/CD5/12″ Matador/Big Cat 1992
Watery, Domestic 12″ EP/CD Matador/Big Cat 1992
Westing By Musket & Sextant CD/LP/CS Drag Clty/Big Cat 1993
“GreenLander’ on Born To Choose Rykodisc 1993
“Unseen Power of The Picket Fence” on No Alternative Arista 1993
“Jayed Coins” on Antiseen trlbute Album: Rage In a Blanket 1994
Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain LP/CD/CS Matador 1994
“Cut Your Hair” 7″/CD5/CS Matador 1994
“Gold Soundz” 7″/CD5/CS Matador 1994
“Range Life” 7″/CD5/CS Matador 1995
Wowee Zowee LP/CD/CS Matador 1995