The Denison Kimball Trio

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Duane Denison – guitar
Jim Kimball – drums
Cats and kittens… It’s time to leave the Blue Hawaiians and Tiki Torches to Trader Vic; These here are hi-ball, low brow, now sounds, played by outlaws. But these condemned men don’t hang, they swing! Need somebody taken out? This is music for making a hit, and I don’t mean record. Bourbon, brass knuckles, and black leather interiors are the tools of the trade for this dynamic duo.

Who drives? Mr. Jim Kimball, of course, with a firm hand and a lead foot. Don’t let him show you why they call them suicide doors!

Shotgun? Mr. Denison, slightly more refined, but no less dangerous than a rattlesnake. He’s what they call a ringer, lets leave it at that.

So, my children, do you hear that bell ringin’? School’s in session. Do you get the point, or is that one peekin’ out from under your beret?

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Oh, by the way, when they come to town… check your wallet now and again. Pick it up… groove.

– The Bishop
Jazzy yet atmospheric, sometimes noisy, minimal yet rife with possibilities; This is the Denison / Kimball trio.

“Some so called avant garde music really goes above and beyond the limits of pretension. It irritates me when I see bands who can’t even play a decent 12 bar blues refer to themselves as ‘free jazz’. It’s usually neither.”
– Duane Denison
from New Jazz Journal Oct. 93
While other bands are content to imitate the latest trends from Japan, Germany, or Cleveland, the Denison/Kimball Trio simply go about the business of creating timeless music. This is the Denison/Kimball Trio.

“We aren’t trying to do anything startling or shockingly modern, and we aren’t retro either. This simply reflects our taste in what we listen to and what we like to play outside our regular gigs.'”
– James Kimball
from Traps Jan. ’94
The basic elements of music – melody, harmony, and rhythm – presented in a simple yet elegant manner. A fleeting glimpse of sonic events in temporal succession. This is the Denison / Kimball trio.