Archery – This time HI-Tech

Aim Rite Medium Bear

A new addition to the Aim Rite Series of McKenzie Targets with a shoulder height of 29″, body length of 45″ and RLW of 135 lbs.
Replaceable vital-area core for extended target life.
Three piece sectional design.
Durable, high-tech, flexible foam construction ideal for field points and broadheads.
Anatomically accuarte to guide archers on proper shot placement.

Zero Effect Arrowrest™

The arrowrest operates using linkage with the cable guard. Drawing the bow lifts the arrow into position.
Drops out of the way—can’t affect flight of an improperly spined arrow.
Total clearance for the fletching as it reaches the riser for improved arrow flight and accuracy.
Unique “pick-up” hook finds arrows regardless of the position on the riser.

Bowtech Assasin

A one piece solid limb compound bow designed to produce pin point accuracy. The center balanced, rifle style safety is equally comfortable for right and left hand shooters.…

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My Hollidays In Greece

This is a trip report of my 2nd trip to Greece in 1992. I went by myself the first time in 1991 and the details are in the archives. This time I brought my wife and 19 year old son as I loved Greece so much that I wanted to show them this spot as well. For those of you who follow prices I have approximated Canadian equivalents so Americans should reduce by at least 20%.

We flew from Vancouver to Athens via Frankfurt and since we would be spending some time in Athens later, we got a taxi and went directly to the port of Pireaus for the night. It was just a place to crash since we were dead tired but the walk around in the evening to get ferry tickets showed a garbage strike in progress. Nothing can make a city seem so unpleasant as garbage. The next morning we got on a ferry for a 6 hour ride to Naxos.…


Garlic Insect Repellent

Phil Adkins only wanted a way to stop his employees from dripping chemicals all over his farm.

He was disgusted with wasting expensive pesticides. He was determined to both save a dollar and elevate safety. On HIS farm. What he invented – Empty Clean – was so efficient and so needed that Adkins is now responsible for elevating safety and alleviating waste on farms in three countries.

Empty Clean, in fact, works so well that in 1993 Agricultural Engineering Magazine named it one of the Outstanding Innovations in Product or Systems Technology when it compiled its list of the Top 50 Contributions to Agriculture.

Not bad for a first-time inventor who only wanted to find a better way to empty and clean pesticide containers.

“Mainly,” Adkins says, “the people working for me were wasting too much chemical and not getting the containers clean.” So he started tampering with the process.

Before Empty-Clean, the workers opened the pesticide container, climbed on top of the sprayer, and poured it in.…


PC HotSpot

There are several fundamental decisions to make when deciding to PC WiFi HotSpot network your computers. If you want the “easiest” way to network your home computers, see the next FAQ. If you want to do this yourself, you should browse through our hardware section. You’ll note that there are several subsections for each of the main technologies now being used or talked about for networking home computers: ethernet, phone wire, WiFi and AC wire. But, in fact, for now, you can really put those in two categories. The first you might think of as “tried and true” and that’s the ethernet technology.

This has been around for a while, mostly for business use. But that time in the “technology curve” has dropped prices considerably and allowed outstanding performance to come to the home for a few dollars. If you are networking computers in the same room, we recommend you don’t hesitate to go the wifi PC hotspot route.…


Pavement Band

hey x 3… the 4th Pavement album of all time comes out on February 11, 1997. This occasion will be marked by a series of semi-intimate shows around the USA that will showcase new material (and whatever old favorites the band can remember). This “residency” tour will be followed by European dates in March, and a full-scale North American tour in April (i.e. bigger places and smaller towns).

A CD5 of “Stereo” will be serviced to radio in January, including 3 non-album selections. A video for “Stereo” (directed by John Kelsey) will be available shortly afterwords.

Things Pavement Did in 1996:

Spiral Stairs and Steve West got married (not to each other).

SM was commissioned to record a series of NFL fight songs by Coca-Cola. The resulting tapes (done with accompaniment of Silkworm) were rejected, but might surface someday

Pavement songs have appeared in major-motion pictures including “I Shot Andy Warhol,” “Brain Candy,” and some Brady sequel none of us got any free tickets to.…

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Palm Tree Disease

Any gardener who vacations in California is usually enthralled by our palm trees, more so when they see them thriving so well in the chilly, clammy climate of the Bay Area’s decidedly less-than-tropical summer. The matched sets of Phoenix canariensis recently transplanted on upper Market Street and on the Embarcadero medians (running all the way, now, to the Caltrain station) have added unimagined elegance to San Francisco thoroughfares. Small wonder the palm is once again becoming an option as a garden tree.

Small palms are easy to find in nurseries that carry a good selection of containerized trees. Larger palms are usually brokered or sold wholesale through landscapers, dug up from old homesteads around the Southwest, then shipped and replanted with their tidy small rootball. That palms are easily transplanted is obvious from the City’s trees: of the hundreds planted in the past four years, only a handful have had to be replaced.…


Mobile WiFi

What is Wi-Fi? It is actually a name or I would say a trademark of wifi partnership, and its full form is wireless fidelity, which is started in 1985. The device is popular due to its connectivity, it doesn’t need a cable to connect, just wifi router will be enough. Wifi empowered gadgets: Mobile phones, laptops, personal computers, mp3 players, video consoles, and personal digital assistants.

Mobile Wifi: Some mobile phones can be Wifi enable while some of them still lack of this feature. If a device has Wifi, then it will connect to the internet through Wifi router. By doing this the phone itself disconnects from SIM data, that means the data usage will not be charged for SIM data. If you have a free Wifi near you, then you can use data for free and your SIM data services will be completely off. However, as soon as you disconnect from Wifi, the phone will force itself to use data connection, while this can be changed, but there is no way to use any other medium of establishing connections.…


What Makes Vinton Cerf And Tim Berners-Lee Different From Al Gore?

wo decades ago, Vinton Cerf was the principal scientist at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (a government R&D lab, known more familiarly as DARPA) when it was assigned to construct an indestructible communications system—one that would survive a limited nuclear war. The result was profound. Indeed, the result was the Internet.
Tim Berners-Lee
Tim Berners-Lee was a physicist engineer at Switzerland’s CERN laboratory when he wrote a program for what he later described as “a shared workspace” that would operate over Cerf’s Internet. Able to carry graphics, video, and sound, possessed of a simple navigation system, the program was named the World Wide Web.

Bottom line: Without Cerf and Berners-Lee, we might not be e-mailing, day trading, shopping online, dating online, reading electronic news, visiting “cybraries,” sending instant messages, and the rest. Some men and women invent nifty gadgets, and some invent new taste sensations. Vinton Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee invented a new way of life.…